Free Canadian Rental Property Spreadsheet

I'm sharing my rental property spreadsheet with you

I debated whether or not I should share this with anyone.  My original thought was that I spent all this time and energy on making it awesome, why should I let anyone else have it?  

As I've come to realize, life is short and there's more than enough for everyone.  There's no point in keeping something I'm proud of under wraps any longer.   

Over the years and out of necessity what started out as a simple 5-line spreadsheet evolved into a beast of a tool for analyzing rental properties.  I added a mortgage calculator, a land transfer tax calculator and income and gain projections for 3, 5 and 10 years and you can clear all the fields at the click of a button.     

It's awesome!!  Please take a copy if you could benefit from it. 

What You Get

This property analyzer spreadsheet is an excel spreadsheet that is intended for use on desktops and laptops.  Like most spreadsheets, the user experience on mobile devices is pretty lame.

Download and access the file from your desktop of laptop.  This file is not mobile-friendly.

Instantly Analyze Cash Flow

Simply fill in the cells highlighted in blue and the all calculations are done for you.  Cash flow, Capitalization Rate, and total rate of return are updated as you input data.

You can play with the numbers to find your break-even point.  

Built-In Mortgage  and Land Transfer Tax Calculator

Never get your numbers wrong with this built-in mortgage and land transfer tax calculator. Cash flow projections are updated in real-time whenever you update your mortgage rate, amortization rate and payment frequency.

Buyers in Toronto simple click a checkbox to calculate the Municipal Land Transfer Tax.  

Quick and Convenient

Simply click the "Clear fields and start over" button when you want to analyze another property.  

Wanna save your data?  Piece of cake.  Just use the "Save As" function and you can share it with your investors, spouse or whoever you want.  

Get Your Rental Property Spreadsheet Now.

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