February 11

How A Condo Rental Changed My Mornings Forever


I bet I lost money doing this deal for Amy but I would gladly do it again; it changed my life.  

How We Met

Back in 2011-ish, my client Kim was a fast-rising lawyer at a prestigious firm downtown who I met via an online ad; it was a condo rental but I was thrilled to have a client.  Kim really had her shit together and was going places while, at this point in my real estate career, I was spinning my tires.   We got her a sweet condo in the financial district and I must've made an impression because she referred me right away. 

She introduced me to Amy who was a friend of hers looking for a rental condo as well.   Amy is a hard-working young lady who has more friends than anyone I know.  Amy and I played tag via email but we didn't end up working together at that point. 

Sadly, a few months after moving in to her condo, Kim passed away suddenly and tragically.  

It was devastating.  

I will never forget the landlord calling me and asking me for Kim's parents info to discuss rent payments going forward.  I remember the phone call like it was yesterday both because of how sad it made me and how cold the landlord sounded.  

Who does that??  A parent loses their child and all he thought about was getting his rent.  Not his finest hour I'm sure.

Fast forward a couple of years later I was in the middle of a bidding war at a house near High Park when my phone rang from a number I didn't recognize; it was Amy again!  I immediately had a flashback to the sadness we shared in 2011 but it was nice to hear from her nonetheless.  Since that call, she has been a loyal client and very generous in her support for my business.  

I'm sure she knows a zillion other realtors but she has been very loyal to me over the years.  Loyalty is a big thing for me and I admire it in others when I see it.  

When I see Amy now, I can't help but be reminded of the passing of Kim.  Every encounter is a stark reminder that life is fragile.  

I don't do many condo rentals anymore but when Amy reached out in October to help her find a new place of course I said yes.  We have history.

Something Was Different....

I met her in the lobby of a condo at 200 Manitoba in Etobicoke and  I almost didn't recognize her; she looked A LOT different.   I don't mean body piercing and tattoos kind of different; I mean her presence was that of a different person entirely. 

It was clear that a physical transformation had taken place with weight loss and such but she just seemed better in every way.  She spoke calmly, she listened intently, laughed easily and she just seemed like an improved version of the Amy from a couple years ago.  

Whatever she was on, I wanted some.  

After viewing our second condo of the day I blurted to her, "Amy, I gotta tell you that as soon as I saw you today you looked different- I don't know how to explain it other than to say your whole presence in the room is significantly different.  It's awesome!!!  Now, tell me how you did it.  And don't leave anything out!"

As we looked at cookie-cutter condos in buildings she didn't like, Amy began telling me about this book "The Miracle Morning" that changed everything for her.  She described how her life changed when she started getting up an hour earlier every day to make time for things like: meditation, exercise, reading, journaling among others.  Try googling "S.A.V.E.R.S." and you'll get the gist.    

As she was talking I began making changes in my head.  I was sold instantly.  

I asked her to repeat the name of the book once more and I purchased it for my Kindle in the lobby of a condo.  I went home that night, set my alarm for 6am and started reading the book.  I got up the next morning at 6am and haven't looked back. 

As for Amy, we got the landlord to knock of $125/month off the rent price and she's loving her new place.

While Amy ended up with a sweet deal on 2 bedroom condo, I found inspiration; which is hard for me to find sometimes.   I don't get inspired by the knuckleheads on Instagram but I definitely was inspired by Amy.  

 When I factored in drive time, gas, and time spent showing her properties I lost money doing this deal for her.   It's okay.  I'm much better for it.

Life's funny sometimes and I'm glad it is.   

Thanks Amy!  Continued success to you:)


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