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Home search catered to you

You've been planning for this.  You're finally ready!  It's time to find that dream home of yours.  

My mission is to get you the best deal possible when buying a home while making it a profitable and enriching experience.   

My unique buyer system carefully curates the hottest new MLS and  'off-market' listings 24/7 and delivers them to your inbox before they go public.  You'll never miss a property!

If things get tricky (as they sometimes do) I have a home inspector, legal and financial professionals available to make sure you're protected.  

What can you expect of me?

Expect me to look at your purchase from every angle, backwards and forwards and to utilize every ounce of leverage I have to negotiate a deal that you can boast about at your housewarming party.  

My buyer clients from 2017-2020 outperformed the market as a whole by a whopping 77%!  That's no accident and if you want those same kind of results, let's chat.  

1.  Negotiation Mastery

With bidding wars becoming the norm, unknowingly overpaying for you home is an easy mistake to make.  I've put hundreds of deals together in all market conditions and across all asset classes.  Knowing which buttons to push and, more importantly, which buttons not to push is crucial to getting a home you'll cherish at a price you can boast about.

2.  Air Tight Agreements

There's nothing worse than a deal going sideways at the last minute.  Protecting your interests from the perils of contract law is paramount for me.  This is what I do:

  • Extensive due diligence prior to offer being presented: check zoning and outstanding work orders, is property insurable, Kitec Plumbing, and more
  • Consult with Real Estate lawyer to ensure you are not exposed to any unnecessary liability.  

No BS, just transparency and the truth.

It's hard to spot that the furnace and A/C are on their last legs when you're admiring the staging and decor.  I provide clarity when your eyes deceive you and your voice of reason when things get emotional.  


What they say

evan h. 

Hospitality Executive

"Dean came highly recommended from a friend and stuck with us during large swings in our decision making process.  Dean truly went above & beyond making sure we found a home that suited our needs at a price that fit our budget.

kimberley n.


Dean was superb at streamlining my home search process.  He understood my vision and went the extra mile to deliver that vision.   On a personal level, he was a pleasure to spend time with during my home buying process. I am thrilled with my new home.

Areas Of Specialty

Freehold Homes

The most common form of home ownership. 


Low maintenance with superior views and convenience.  

Investment Property

 Whether buying existing rental or creating your own, I've done them all.

Meet The Team

My team inspects the property top-to-bottom, checks the paperwork and will get you the best mortgage product available.  Look at this handsome bunch.

Home Inspector

Bob has 20+ years of building inspection experience, and has inspected 5,000+ residential and commercial buildings of all types. He is known for his quality, accuracy and integrity of reporting on the condition of all major systems, including structure, building envelope and mechanical systems.

Home Inspector Bob Papadopoulos  PEng

Bob Papadopoulos  PEng

real estate lawyer

Bob Aaron will always be my lawyer.  He truly advocates for his clients and is the only guy you need if a deal goes sideways.  

He is a frequent media guest on radio and television, and often writes legal opinions on real estate issues for other lawyers to use in litigation matters.  He has been qualified as an expert witness in Ontario Superior Court and he answers emails on weekends.

Mortgage broker

Tyler is a tireless worker who will stop at nothing to get you the best terms for your next mortgage.  I love how he walks inexperienced buyers through the process and how he follows up to ensure a smooth transaction for everyone.  He also plays a pretty mean guitar as well.  

why i do what I do

I’ve been in your shoes

I still remember that feeling I got when we bought our "forever" home.  Knowing that the searching, the viewings and the multiple offers were done was such a relief.  I don't forget that the process can be trying sometimes and that my clients are basing their decision, in large part, on the advice I give them.  

I am careful to remember that the journey to purchasing a new home should be an exciting, memorable and rewarding experience for all involved.... and of course profitable too!!

Success stories

 60% R.O.I. before moving in.

Six-figure returns in one year

Bought their "forever home" in Leaside.

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