Rent-Ready Standards

Applying For A rental- Our Requirements

Before you begin:

Prepare to submit a non-refundable application fee of $30 per adult. Each resident aged 18 and above must complete a separate rental application. Additionally, you'll be required to upload a copy of a valid ID and proof of income from the last 60 days.

Completing the rental application requires providing three years of residential history and contact information for rental references. You'll also need to disclose monthly income, noting that most properties require combined gross income to be at least three times the monthly rent.

Our application process heavily considers credit scores:

  • Applicants with a credit score of 700-800 are generally approved if meeting minimum requirements.
  • Those with a credit score of 600-700 are generally approved under minimum requirements.
  • Applicants below 600 will need a guarantor or co-signor with satisfactory credit.

We don't pre-screen applications. Applicants must self-screen based on the criteria and meet the specified requirements. If you believe you meet these minimum standards, we encourage you to apply.

Your application, background information, credit scores, rental history, criminal history, and employment verification will be reviewed by Dean Gibbons Property Management and it's authorized parties and the Property Owner.

  • Information for Screening Applicants. The Applicant hereby consents to the Landlord or their agent obtaining and viewing credit, financial and related personal or business information, and tenant history about the Applicant (including credit reports, credit scores and tenant records), from past and present landlords and from the reporting agencies known as Equifax, TransUnion, Experian and Landlord Credit Bureau, from time to time for the purposes of assessing the Applicant’s current and ongoing eligibility for tenancy. The consents provided are effective as of the date of this Application and will be valid for as long as required to fulfill the purposes described herein.
  • Disclosure to Credit Bureaus. If the Applicant is granted tenancy with the Landlord, the Applicant hereby consents to the Landlord or their agent disclosing information about the Applicant and information about their tenancy, including but not limited to the amount and timing of rent payments, good behaviour, problematic behaviour, any debt outstanding, and reviews of the Landlord’s experience regarding the Applicant, to Equifax, Landlord Credit Bureau and other reporting agencies, which may then be used in a tenant record, credit report and credit score for the Applicant and shared with other landlords and credit grantors.

What Our clients say...

" Had the opportunity to work with Dean on a few occasions, he's great to deal with. Very informative and knowledgeable. Takes the time to make sure everything gets done properly! Will continue to recommend and refer"

Govin P.



" He is very knowledgeable, professional and very responsive. He communicates very well and you feel that he has your back. Thank you Dean!"

Gita B.

( Investor)


" Dean helped us get set up in our lovely home. As anyone who's had to find accommodation in Pickering can confirm, it's not a walk in the park, but Dean helped make the process easy.

Highly recommended for professionalism and efficiency."

Ola A.

( A+Tenant We Placed)


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