Kathleen Wynne Leaves, Real Estate Market Improves…. Weird. – Dean Gibbons

Kathleen Wynne Leaves, Real Estate Market Improves…. Weird.

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Aug 08

Call it a coincidence, but ever since Kathleen Wynne and her government had her majority government decimated by the polarizing Doug Ford Conservatives, home buyer's confidence in the Real Estate market has improved almost overnight.

For those of you who don't follow Ontario politics, Kathleen Wynne and her government will go down in infamy as the worst elected government in the history of the province.  

Now I don't know what Doug Ford is going to accomplish but as long as he doesn't set fire to $2 Billion dollars it will be a step in the right direction. 

 Toronto Real Estate Board President Garry Bhaura announced strong growth in the number of home sales and the average selling price reported by Greater Toronto Area REALTORS® in July 2018.

“Home sales result in substantial spin-off benefits to the economy, so the positive results over the last two months are encouraging. However, no one will argue that housing supply remains an issue. The new provincial government and candidates for the upcoming municipal elections need to concentrate on policies focused on enhancing the supply of housing and reducing the upfront tax burden represented by land transfer taxes, province-wide and additionally in the City of Toronto,” said Mr. Bhaura.

Residential sales reported through TREB’s MLS® System for July 2018 amounted to 6,961 – up 18.6 per cent compared to July 2017. Over the same period, the average selling price was up by 4.8 per cent to $782,129, including a moderate increase for detached home types. New listings in July 2018 were down by 1.8 per cent year-over-year.

Preliminary seasonal adjustment pointed to strong month-over-month increases of 6.6 per cent and 3.1 per cent respectively for sales and average price. Seasonally adjusted sales were at the highest level for 2018 and the seasonally adjusted average price reached the highest level since May 2017.

The MLS® Home Price Index (HPI) Composite Benchmark for July 2018 was down slightly compared to July 2017. However, the annual growth rate looks to be trending toward positive territory in the near future.

“We have certainly experienced an increase in demand for ownership housing so far this summer. It appears that some people who initially moved to the sidelines due to the psychological impact of the Fair Housing Plan and changes to mortgage lending guidelines have re-entered the market. Home buyers in the GTA recognize that ownership housing is a quality long-term investment,” said Jason Mercer, TREB’s Director of Market Analysis.

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