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Sell Your Home By Next Week Find Out How

Apr 17

Is A Corner Lot Worth More?

Market News , Tips

Is a corner lot worth more than an interior lot?Like most things in real estate, the answer is, “It depends.”   It’s rare when you can get a direct comparable when looking at a home on a corner lot versus one on an interior lot.  They’re usually quite different. The layout of the house on the corner […]

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Jul 13

4 Ways To Win A BIDDING WAR!

Buying , Investment , Tips

Most people hate bidding wars:  I don’t.  Bidding wars (multiple offers) are predictable and orderly once you’ve done enough of them.  I started selling real estate just at the tail end of the condo boom so I’ve been in my share or bidding wars-  hundreds of them in fact. After you’ve been involved in this many multiple […]

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Dec 12

Should You Buy A Home With Kitec Plumbing?

Buying , Selling , Tips

I have a confession to make.  About a week before I wrote this article I didn’t know much about Kitec plumbing (pronounced k-eye-tech).  Soooo, I went to google and sought to enlighten myself.   I wasn’t satisfied so I contacted my lawyer, Bob, and my plumber, Steve and they painted a bit more reassuring picture.   Then […]

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