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Why Should You Hire Me?

There are two reasons to hire a realtor:  you don't know what you're doing and you want to ensure you're protected

My track record is impeccable when you compare how my client's purchases have fared in comparison to the market in general.  Just a second ago, I emailed a client to let her know that her net worth just went up by $35,000 in the 4 months since she purchased.  The market as a whole has not appreciated at all.

I'm not going to pretend that I can control the market or anything like that.  My strength lies in my ability to recognize a good deal when I see it and to steer you clean of pitfalls that most people aren't even aware of.   That comes with experience.  

Experience in real estate is a lot like having kids.  

If you have kids this will make sense to you.

My approach is this:  I put myself in the shoes of my clients and give them what they need to hear.  The GTA market is tough enough as it is, you don't need your agent hounding you to make a purchase already.

Getting Started...

Before we book a viewing here's what you should be doing:

  • Identifying your needs and wants (yes they’re different)
  • Identifying locations of interest
  • Setting a budget and getting pre-approved for a mortgage
  • check
    Determining your short and long term goals and finding properties to help you meet those goals

Most people will need some guidance on some or all of these so don't sweat it.  

"My clients work with me because they get a great home (or condo) under great terms at the best price possible.  I insist that we have a little fun along the way too."

-  Dean Gibbons

Recent Success Stories....

   Etobicoke Town House  

Client purchased this town house while on a beach in Mexico.  They made $350,000 or 58% appreciation in 3 years.

   King West Loft   

My client just pocketed $225,000 in under 3 years.

   High Park Condo  

Purchased in the Spring of 2018 under my recommendation. My client made a 60% R.O.I. by the time of possession.

   King West Condo  

Beat out 7 competing offers despite being $10,000.00 lower than competition.

Once we have a clear picture of what the goal is, then we can begin the journey and adjust along the way!.

With my approach, you’ll find the home of your dreams without spending all your free time looking at homes and doing research.  I streamline the process so you’re free to enjoy your precious free time.  

Dean was superb at streamlining my home search process.  He understood my vision and went the extra mile to deliver that vision.  He was on top of things that I had never even considered:  He would call the City of Toronto to see if there were outstanding work orders on houses we were viewing that day.  If the driveway looked fishy, he would call to make sure the parking pad was legal.   

I've never heard of agents doing this stuff.... EVER.  Dean surpassed all my expectations. Furthermore, on a personal level, he was a pleasure to spend time with during my home buying process. I am thrilled with my new home.

Kimberley N, 

Being from out-of-town, we had unique challenges in finding a home and a relatively inflexible timeline. Dean knew all of the areas worth exploring; he went out of his way to pick us up wherever we were staying and always took the time required to familiarize us with each neighbourhood.

Dustin D. 


I'm not cheesy or creepy and I've made a lot of money for my clients.  Contact me today to start your search.

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