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Tridel’s Latest- Bloor Promenade


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Apr 10

Let's face it, the Toronto real estate market is a bit of a gong show lately.  If you're sick of multiple offers and skyrocketing prices then maybe it's time to look at buying pre-construction instead, they're much less competitive to purchase and have a big upside in a market like today's market.

The Bloor Promenade project by Tridel is a great project in a long list of successes from this acclaimed developer. Tridel has a long history of delivering great product in both the high rise and lowrise sectors for more than 8 decades

​What's To Like About This Project?

  1. The location.  It's right next to the Islington subway station which adds a lot of intrinsic value.  The neighbourhood quickly becoming one of the more affluent neighbourhoods in the city with builders buying up the war time bungalows and rebuilding beautiful contemporary homes.
  2. The builder.  Tridel has a sterling reputation for building great condos well.  A well constructed building will, in general, require less repairs meaning lower maintenance fees and more attractive for buyers.
  3. The Timing.  The resale market is going ballistic right now so even if you are able to find a place that you like, you are going to be up against multiple offers so there is no guarantee you will get your home.  Buying pre-construction provides the benefit of choosing from many different floorplans and you can choose all your own finishes to suit YOUR tastes. 

How Do You Get In To This Building?

This project will never make it to the general public so this is your chance.  It's priced reasonably with 1 bedroom units starting at $280K and 2 BR units starting at $414K.  It's a great buy for investors and end users alike.  

I am extending my VIP status for this project to all of my clients. 

REGISTER NOW and enjoy deeply discounted prices.  Time is almost up!


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