About – Dean Gibbons



Why would someone want to hire you?

Integrity to me is what you do when nobody is looking.  My entire success thus far has been built upon referrals from past clients.  You don't get that way by taking short cuts and doing the wrong thing.  I'm proud of the loyalty I get from my clients and it's due in large part to conducting myself with integrity.  It doesn't hurt when you make them boatloads of money too!!

What do you like most about real estate?  

2 Things:  I like riding shotgun with clients as they make one of the most important financial transactions of their life.  It's an honour when someone trusts you like that.  I also like doing the analysis on a property to determine value.  I'm a whiz at guessing the final sale price in multiple offer situations.  My best streak was when I correctly predicted 9 in a row which I think is awesome.  

What do you like least?  I don't like that it doesn't take much to get your real estate licence.  There are some people with the same credentials as me in the eyes of the public that I wouldn't trust to bag my groceries.  For the most part, the best agents in the business do the majority of the business but you do see some cringe-worthy characters every so often that get noticed more than us good guys..

Where have you lived? Pickering, King West and High Park. All are great for different reasons.

What kind of people do you work with?  I prefer working with cool people. Buying and selling real estate is serious business but that doesn't mean you can't have fun and a few laughs along the way.   

What do you do in your spare time?

I spend most of my free time with my wife and kids.  Whether it's running to sports games, family functions or out on a rare date night with my beautiful wife, I make family my priority.  I would love to start golfing again but it's pretty tough to write off a whole afternoon whacking a little white ball into the woods.  

What's your greatest triumph in Real Estate?

I once sold a condo that was 10's of thousands of dollars in arrears in both maintenance fees and property taxes.  It is a very tough sell.

What's your biggest failure in real estate?

I had a young couple that came to me looking to buy a condo in the Distillery district a few years back.  One of the first units I showed them was perfect.  Lots of room, great view and outdoor space which was a 'must-have.'  I knew the Distillery was going to blow up and this condo was a GREAT BUY.  They waffled a bit and decided to keep looking.  I knew it was a mistake and they decided to keep looking.  

The prices in the Distillery district shot up like the next day it seemed.  It wasn't long before they were priced out of that area.  That sucked because I think if I had been more direct with them, they would be living in the Distillery District with a couple hundred grand in equity.  Instead, they're still renting.  

Sales Stats

# Of Transactions

Average Days On Market-

7.8 Days
  • 49% Faster sale than the industry average

% Of Asking Price


I grew up in a small town in southern Ontario.  It was there that I learned the value of hard work and the value of a dollar.  There is no such thing as easy money in the tobacco fields that is for sure.

I studied Economics at the prestigious University of Waterloo.  ​I played 5 years of varsity football appearing in 2 Yate's Cups, winning one Championship.  After a stint of professional football in Europe I returned to Canada to assume a management role in the hospitality industry.

After substantial success in the hospitality industry, I made the decision to pursue a career in Real Estate.  Combining my  knowledge of consumer behaviour and economic trends with superior "people skills" I have achieved great success in this highly competitive field.  

I am consistently among the top 10% of Realtor's on the Toronto Real Estate board.  I am experienced in all facets of Residential Real Estate having traded everything from tiny bachelor condos to large development properties.

While personal success is important to me, doing what's right for my clients is always the focal point of everything that I do.  

Nothing feels better than watching the tears stream down the face of my client when they realize that money won't be an issue anymore.